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Travel | Virgin
Travel | Virgin
We all travel, and if by air,  leave some form or other of carbon footprint, but we can’t avoid flying in this modern day and age. Virgin Atlantic Airlines are well aware of the value of sustainability and the movement to do as much as we possibly can to keep an eye on the good that can be done to save the planet.
That’s why they are putting a lot of thought into the offerings they provide to their passengers, both in the air and on the ground in their Virgin Atlantic Lounges.
They have come up with a sustainable, stylish and super useful package of thoughtful onboard products that are designed with the well being of their customers and the planet in mind featuring collaborations with environmentally friendly brands that share that same vision .
Upper Class customers receive a ‘goodie bag’ made of reliably sourced, recyclable Kraft paper and filled with sustainable products.  Socks, ear buds, Bambuu biodegradable toothbrush, through to clean skincare brand REN providing Atlantic Kelp and magnesium hand cream and their Evercalm global protection day cream.
In the Virgin Clubhouse check out the brands Virgin loves and who provide clean beauty and sustainability to keep passengers feeling good at ground level before and after flight.
Brands like Aveda who famously espouse the art and science of pure flower and plant essences in the products – look for invigorating rosemary mint shampoo and conditioner for your pre flight prep, and Dr  Hauschka – check out their cooling eye ampoules for pre flight eye soother.
And a new discovery we love from the chic de Mamiel line: a collection of five botanical formulations from world renowned and and award winning Annee de Mamiel designed to invigorate or relax the senses depending on time of day of your travel plans.
And if the beauty was not enough- you can dip into HEADSPACE who provide meditation  on board to soothe and calm,  all the while sipping some PUKKA organic blend tea…a delicious blend of rose, chamomile and lavender to ensure that all important restful piece of mind,  pre long haul travel.
With wellbeing uppermost in mind it makes for a relaxing vibe for the harassed and busy frequent flyer and a soothing moment for the  nervous passenger.
Bravo Virgin Atlantic.
Travel | Virgin
Avril Graham
Host, Platinum Eye
Travel | Virgin